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The Otranto Barrage

This article was originally published in the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers‘ Journal Related book: A Fleet in Being: Austro-Hungarian Warships of WW1 The Otranto Barrage was a naval blockade of the Otranto Straits between Brindisi and Corfu, intended to … Continue reading

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Timeline to Invasion: Falklands 1982

In 1982, most Britons didn’t know where the Falkland Islands were. That changed when Argentina invaded, but although many Britons are aware of events during the Conflict, knowledge of the events that led to it seems to be much less … Continue reading

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Lidice and the Unearthed Project

Earlier this month, I saw a film put on by the Unearthed Project at the Potteries Museum. The project aims to improve awareness of the Lidice massacre and the tremendous generosity of Stoke on Trent’s miners in helping to rebuild … Continue reading

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30 Years Ago Today …

30 years ago today was my 12th birthday. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street and said, “Just rejoice at that news”. Oddly enough, she wasn’t referring to my birthday, but the recapture of Grytviken … Continue reading

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30th Anniversary of the Invasion of the Falkland Islands

30 years ago today, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. 255 British servicemen gave their lives in the war that followed. More than double that number have committed suicide since the war ended. Statistics like that are the reason I support … Continue reading

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