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Unearthed Unveiled

On Saturday, my family and I joined 150-200 others at the unveiling of the new Unearthed sculpture, outside the Victoria Hall in Stoke on Trent, where the Lidice Shall Live campaign began in 1942. It was a great event, featuring … Continue reading

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Timeline to Invasion: Falklands 1982

In 1982, most Britons didn’t know where the Falkland Islands were. That changed when Argentina invaded, but although many Britons are aware of events during the Conflict, knowledge of the events that led to it seems to be much less … Continue reading

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Lidice and the Unearthed Project

Earlier this month, I saw a film put on by the Unearthed Project at the Potteries Museum. The project aims to improve awareness of the Lidice massacre and the tremendous generosity of Stoke on Trent’s miners in helping to rebuild … Continue reading

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Six Book Challenge

I recently discovered the Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge. According to the website, one in six adults struggles to read, and the challenge is intended to encourage them to read more and improve their reading. Participants choose six things to … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing: A Primer

This blog post was featured in Carnival of the Indies, issue 25. My wife asked if I could provide a primer for a couple of friends that are interested in writing and self-publishing. I’ll be focusing on ebooks, although most … Continue reading

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